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Redesign waste wood

Traditional wood industries create waste material in the form of off-cuts. These pieces are too quirky in size to fit in standard production lines.

Heltre avkapp fra norsk trappeproduksjon

Arkitekt? ​

Gives quality materials

a new life

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We use the materials to make

Table tops



And tailored

Forgotten resources

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Instead of leaving them to their fate: the incinerator, Rewo works to reincarnate these forgotten parts of our daily lives.

Bilde av arbeider til nettside
bakgrunn til ikoner_edited_edited
Arkitekttegnet material stand til konferanse

6000 kg CO2

Architect or designer?

Do you have a project you want to realize? Do you want to contribute to the storage of CO2. We contribute to the development of tailor-made solutions delivered with CO2 estimation

Contact us!

Stores carbon - Saves emissions

Smart sofabord i heltre
Møbel i heltre eik

8 kg CO2

2 kg CO2

Kloss i bærekraftig heltre materiale

28 kg CO2

Sofabord i heltre eik

16 kg CO2

Saves the environment
26 kg CO2

Transparent emissions

Rewo's products are made of materials that today have no / low value. The material is often burned and releases carbon that the tree has spent many decades storing.

By making products from this material, we store carbon and you as a customer take an active part in saving the environment from emissions.

The product you buy is designed in Norway, made in Norway and produced from materials that should have been burned in Norway

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Furniture from new materials

Production emissions
3.1kg CO2

Together with you, we ensure that the surplus material gets a new home. The material is not burned, you have got a great piece of furniture that has saved the environment from emissions, as the carbon is not released!

Kloss PNG

Furniture from residual materials

Production emissions
26.44kg CO2


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