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CO2 oppsummering Rewo bord

2kg CO2

1.8kg CO2

Emissions from raw materials

Emissions from production


Emissions saved

42kg CO2

343 km

40mm eik sofabord Rewo

All the tables can be surface treated in several color options so the tables can be adapted to any room and environment. See all color options below.

Solid wood table - Conference table. Dining table. Rewo supplies tailor-made solid wood tables with delivery in 2 - 6 weeks. The tables are tailored to the desired size, all with top quality, from raw material to final product. Each table is produced with selected materials in adapted temperatures. Our production method is suitable for tailor-made solutions also based on drawings from architects.

The materials used in Rewo Bord are not taken into further stair production due to unfavorable shapes and are normally burned. Rewo has developed efficient production that enables competitive prices and delivery.

Rewo Miljøvennlig produkter av restmaterialer i 40mm heltre eik og furu

*Excess materials from "Stryntrappa" production

The advantages of solid wood tables from Rewo are that they are excellent as conference tables, meeting tables, dining tables and for general needs. The tables are made of 40mm solid oak/pine, which provides high quality and makes the tables very solid. Rewo goes to great lengths to constantly work within the circular economy and focus on upcycling.
Eco-friendly solid wood tables from Rewo have a long life in that the tables can be constantly polished, surface treated and generally maintained. This preserves the quality of the table and improves the appearance of aging tables. This, we believe, is circular economy at its best. 
  • Delivery time 3 - 6 weeks
  • Bespoke sizes 
  • Price on request
  • 100% residual materials
100% Residual materials

Carbon storage
Simple setup

Local production and materials 
Long lifetime

Bespoke adaptation
Heltre eik spisebord

Rewo - Solid wood table

Since April 2023, Rewo has delivered solid wood tables in the form of dining tables, lounge tables, conference tables, work tables and more all over Norway. Below we show a selection of the projects. Tables from 14m x 2.2m to Ø45cm x 0.45m have been delivered and everything is based on the same efficient production methodology and sustainable materials from the Norwegian wood industry.

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