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Paneler i heltre eik og furu

Rewo - Panels and interior

CO2 besparelse ved Rewo produkter i heltre

0.5kg CO2

0.8kg CO2

17.03kg CO2

127 km

Emissions from raw materials

Emissions from production


Emissions saved

Interiør i heltre eik

How does it work?

Do you need panels or interiors for either the home or larger conferences and fairs, but at the same time want to take a greater part in a circular economy by using surplus materials?

Rewo supplies panels and interiors in 40mm oak and pine, as well as in solid wood. All of surplus materials from Norwegian production without compromising on quality. 

Oak. Pine. Solid wood. Large quantities of quality materials from the Norwegian wood industry are burned and thrown away every day due to unfavorable shapes. This cut is very suitable for custom-made interiors and panels. 16 and 40 mm solid wood ensure good quality and longevity. Environmentally friendly panels and interior of cut-off from Rewo can be tailored and adapted according to wishes and measurements, and are suitable for both small and large quantities. In addition, we can deliver complete interior solutions based on the customer's drawings and measurements.

Paneler i bærekraftig materiale

*Residual materials from production at Stryntrappa

  • Bespoke sizes 
  • Price on request
  • 100% residual materials
Environmentally friendly panels and interiors from Rewo was designed and launched as a product to both meet a need, but also offer a more environmentally friendly alternative.

The advantages of panels and interiors from Rewo is that they are excellent for both conferences, fairs, for the home and for general needs.
The material is 16 and 40 mm solid oak/pine/Solid wood which provides high quality and makes the product very solid. Rewo goes to great lengths to constantly work within the circular economy and the focus on upcycling. 
100% Residual materials

Carbon storage
Simple setup

Local production and materials 
Long lifetime

Bespoke adaptation
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