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Rewo avkapp eik og furu

We give excess materials a new life

2020 - 2021

Rewo was established after a thorough analysis of the Norwegian wood industry and what happened to the materials that were left over, hereby cut-offs. Rewo was started to make better and more reasonable products from quality materials that are currently burned.

Historien om rewo bærekraftig bord. benker og gulv
Rewo produkter


Rewo tested the various cut-offs from several of the large production companies in Norway. Timber from cabin production, solid wood elements from buildings, and solid wood from stairs were tested for small and large products.


A new production methodology was developed

to make tables composed of smaller pieces. The tables are made from cut-offs in 40mm oak and pine. Based on this, Rewo tables were launched and partnerships with suppliers and distributors were made for efficient nationwide delivery and supply.

Rewo bærekraftige konferansebord i heltre eik
Rewo avkapp eik fra stryntrappa


For 2024, Rewo is targeting the consumer market to be able to offer environmentally friendly products with an all-Norwegian value chain.

Carbon stored in 2023 

During 2023, Rewo delivered approximately 6.6 tonnes of wood in the form of various products.

This saved more than 11 tonnes of carbon, after the emissions from our production and shipping were taken into account.

Rewo interiør adam og eva strømmen storsenter
Rewo heltre eik stort spisebord og benker

Carbon stored in  2024 

During 2024, we want to deliver products that

is helping to store over 22 tonnes of CO2. This is equivalent to flying round trip Trondheim - Oslo 110 times. As a customer of Rewo, you take part in this process, while the history of the material is maintained.

Rewp norsk verdikjede

The Value Chain

Stryntrappa is Norway's largest stair manufacturer.

They are based in Stryn and produce about 30% of all Norway's stairs. During the production, pieces with unfavorable shapes occur

which are not suitable for further staircase production. These pieces were previously used as firewood for heating, but are now transported further down to Kaupanger, where they are assembled into new Rewo products.

norge kart.png
Rewo heltre eik og furu avkapp fra norsk trappeproduksjon


The material Rewo uses has the same qualities as the original material

from production. The various pieces are assembled into products that are completely unique.

Rewo heltre eik konferansebord til 20 stk

Whole wood products

Solid wood is a living material by definition that it "breathes" and moves all year round, regardless of whether it is cut-offs or the original material. Rewo uses the material that is sorted out during production, hence offcuts, and therefore has the same qualities. Norway has an indoor climate that varies greatly throughout the seasons, with dry winters and summers with high humidity. Varying air humidity will affect the woods internal humidity, which in turn can result in shrinkage/swelling of the product. This is part of the trees nature.


The photosynthesis is a well-known topic where trees and plants absorb carbon from the air. Oak and pine trees can live well over 300 years, during these years the tree absorbs CO2 and turns this into organic carbon. When the wood is burned, this releases the CO2 back into the atmosphere.

Rewo norges mest bærekraftige bord, benker og gulv laget av avkapp
Rewo lager norges mest bærekraftige møbler laget av avkapp fra norsk trappeproduksjon


Rewo exclusively uses cut-offs that are normally burnt for heating. This means that the wood is not burned and the stored carbon is taken care of. The products are therefore helping to store CO2 corresponding to the emissions that would have occurred by burning the material.

Rewo heltre eik og furu bord kan behandles og vedlikeholdes så produktene kan leve i veldig lang tid

Eternal life

One of the prominent advantages of solid wood products is their ability to be maintained, which enables the possibility for an exceptionally long life. These products can be polished, oiled and sanded, which not only extends their life, but can also renew their visual appeal.


As the tree expands and can change in tact

with variations in humidity and temperature,

it may be necessary to tighten the screws

gradually. You will naturally notice this

overtime. The biggest movements will be in

during the first seasons until the product has


Rewo produkter bør etterstrammes på grunn av bevegelsene i treverket
Stort bærekraftig rewo bord i heltre eik 40mm


We recommend that you use dry

cleaning methods, preferably a dry cloth.

When washing, it is important to use the least

possible water. If necessary, use a slightly damp cloth. Avoid allowing water to dry

on the table.

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