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Yrjan Olsnes-7452.jpg

From waste to lounge tables at Arbeidsretten and Riksmekleren 

Together with Lindbak we delivered 11 lounge tables in various sizes to Arbeidsretten and Riksmekleren in Oslo. 

Yrjan  Olsnes-1570.jpg

From excess wood to dining tables and bences

Together with detailed architectual blueprints provided by Snøhetta we built and delivered a dining table, associated benches and a round meeting table to one of Norways most future oriented buildings.

Yrjan Olsnes-7407-min.webp

Three Lagre conference tables to one of Norways biggest organizations 

Based on very specific blueprints created by architecural offices we made three large conference tables to a large renowned organization.

Rewo room bakckup 2.24-min.png

Rewo World

To properly communicate what Rewo can deliver, we created Rewo World”. A world full of sustainable alternatives.

NTNU Gulv Rewo

From waste to floor at NTNU 

In collaboration with Lysparken arkitekter, NTNU has received 40 square meters of stage floor made from cuttings that occur during the production of stairs. 

Miljøvennlig Interiør Rewo

From solid wood waste to exhibition! 

We delivered over 3 tonnes of surplus materials to the Oslo design fair, which were used to shape a demountable exhibition so that the wood can be used several times. This helped to store close to 6 tonnes of carbon. 

Miljøvennlig Interiør Rewo

Solid wood elements for feature walls

By using parametric design, smaller unique elements can be assembled into a larger construction based on a design premise. Here we have designed and delivered a functional wall for an exhibition in Sweden. 

Miljøvennlig Møbler Rewo

From industrial timber to furniture 

Today, sawn timber is used to make cabins and houses. The residual materials from production are often burned. We have experimented with various designs based on an unfavorable production material. 

Miljøvennlig Møbler Rewo

From beams to Benches

Production of glulam can result in some residues. This material was excellently suited for the production of benches. 

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