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Heltre kubbegulv Eik og furu Rewo

Rewo - Gulv 

*The file provides an overview of the value chain and the qualities of the floor, as well as laying and treatment. 

CO2 besparelse heltre kubbegulv

0,3kg CO2

1.2kg CO2

17,2kg CO2

130 km

Emissions from raw materials

Emissions from production


Emissions saved

Kubbegulv i heltre eik Rewo

Cube floors from Rewo are made from surplus materials of top quality from Stryntrappa and produced in Kaupanger. Short value chain and high quality with competitive pricing and delivery. 

Cube flooring is a solid and reliable choice of flooring with the same qualities as today's standard flooring, but a lower climate footprint at a competitive price and delivery. A perfect choice in a circular economy. Cube floors are delivered in a size of 60x60x5cm for optimized laying and production. With its environmentally friendly aspects, cobblestone floors are set to become the new favourite.

Stryntrappa leverer avkapp til Rewo

*Residual materials from production at Stryntrappa

Rewo has produced samples of floors in oak, pine and solid wood to give customers and partners a better picture of what we deliver. Get in touch if it is of interest. 

Kubbegulv i heltre furu levert av Rewo
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