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*Filen inneholder bilder og informasjon av bordproduksjonen
CO2 oppsumering clean.png

2kg CO2

1.8kg CO2

42kg CO2

343 km

Emissions from raw materials

Emissions from production


Emissions saved

Yrjan  Olsnes-9280.jpg

Bro is a bench designed by Olav Engelstad. The bench is designed from residual materials during beam production in glulam, which ensures a very low CO2 emission. The design helps the wood to breathe and therefore facilitates a long life completely untreated. The bench comes in varied lengths and shapes, which creates a visually exciting experience

Yrjan  Olsnes-9390.jpg

120 x 80cm, 40mm Heltre Eik

Yrjan  Olsnes-9382.jpg

180 x 100cm, 40mm Heltre Furu

Yrjan  Olsnes-9321.jpg

240 x 90cm Bordplate, 40mm Heltre Eik
60 x 70cm Understell, 40mm Heltre Eik

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